Job Description


Product Development Project Management & OEM Collaboration

Location: Global
Number of Openings: 1


  1. Participate in the entire project development process and assist in writing documents related to the hardware development process
  2. Assist in solving fault problems that occur during product debugging and testing to ensure the quality and progress of product development
  3. Communicate closely with various departments, follow up and assist in solving any problems reported during product trial production and mass production
  4. Complete other tasks assigned by superior supervisor


  1. Bachelor degree or above in computer, automation, communications, electronic information technology, Internet of Things and other related majors
  2. Familiar with analog electronics, digital electronics, circuit analysis, microcomputer principles and other related knowledge
  3. Good English reading ability and able to read English materials
  4. Have rigorous logical thinking ability, breakthrough and innovation ability; have strong communication skills, good team spirit and moral values

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