Pioneering the Future of Industrial Internet with AI-Powered Solutions for Tomorrow's World

At KLG Smartec (KLG), we are dedicated to advancing industrial internet, integrating AI-powered solutions with top-notch Industrial Ethernet Switches and comprehensive Smart Control Solutions. Our focus on Industrial Automation drives us to prioritize high-quality Industrial Communications, seamlessly blending them with advanced industrial networking technologies. Our expertise shines in our commitment to developing cutting-edge AI-powered Industrial Networking Solutions and efficient Smart Control systems. This dedication ensures peak performance and unwavering reliability in our Industrial Network Infrastructure, adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of industrial internet.

Our Mission

Hailing from Germany, we excel in the realm of Industrial Internet and Internet of Things, committed to creating cutting-edge Industrial Smart Control and Communication Technologies. Our dedication lies in delivering unparalleled value and service, propelling partners and customers to success in the digital age and steering us towards a position of global leadership in the industry.

Our Vision

We aim to become a global leader in revolutionizing industrial internet, leveraging our AI-powered solutions to forge a smarter, more efficient industrial future. Through our technology, we envision empowering industries around the world to achieve unprecedented levels of performance and sustainability.


Cutting-Edge Expertise

Benefit from our team’s deep industry experience from leading global industrial giants, ensuring innovative and effective solutions for industrial communications and IoT needs.


Global Impact

With a broad customer base including top-tier power utilities, rail manufacturers, wind-power OEMs, and factory automation OEMs, our solutions have a proven global impact.


Trusted Partnership

We stand as your dependable partner, delivering world-class, patented industrial solutions globally. With our exclusive distribution rights, we ensure access to exceptional products backed by comprehensive support, fostering reliable partnerships worldwide.


Meet the visionary leaders of KLG with global industrial expertise

Explore the profiles of our accomplished team members and discover the leaders behind KLG Smartec’s innovative solutions. Our leaders bring a diverse range of skills and backgrounds, collectively providing the knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate the challenges of our industry.