Power Distribution Automation Solutions


Smart grid technology enhances power distribution

Power Distribution Automation is an important part of today's Smart Grid. Integration and interoperability are essential for grid operational efficiency and system reliability. Smart Grid technologies around the world are helping to reduce power outages & identify the root causes of blackouts and brownouts; improving restoration times and cutting operational costs.


System Requirements

  • A wide range of operating temperatures built to withstand water & dust ingress while providing increased EMC/EMI protection
  • A complete system of Layer 2 and Layer 3 Industrial Ethernet Network devices
  • Fast network recovery linked to device failure and fault isolation
  • Cyber Security protectionSerial connectivity for legacy devices
  • Easy network expansion without disconnecting existing network devices
  • Integrated network management software for quick and efficient maintenance

Why KLG Smartec

  • A complete offering of industrial network solutions including Layer 2 & Layer 3 switches fully integrated with Gateway and FTU options
  • DRP with fast recovery times within 20ms for redundancy
  • DHP protocol with f lexible redundant chain schemes for network extension
  • Network security features: SSH, SSL, SNMP v3, IEEE802.3x, TACAS+, Radius and ACL
  • Ethernet ports and serial ports RS232/RS485, 110VDC & 220VAC power options
  • Based on Intel® high performance processor, which brings the whole system stability and fast response

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