1. Warranty service commitment: provide “one-year replacement, five-year warranty” (exclude Kyland Smart Controller).
  2. Free replacement and repair are limited only to the main unit of the Products, while excluding package, connecting wires, software products, technical documents and other accessories.
  3. Kyland Smart Controller are guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase, within warranty period, the equipment maintenance is free.
  4. The Products that user requires to replace within the free replacement period must go through a test conducted by the Supplier. For the Product that passes the test, it will be returned to the user. For confirmed defective product, it will be replaced by a same model or an eligible Product with equivalent performance. The defective Product remains the property of the Supplier.
  5. Notwithstanding the provisions under this Article above, no Products are guaranteed by the free replacement and repair warranty as set forth above under the following circumstances;
    • Damages or faults, failures of the Products are incurred due to failure to install or use as per the user manual;
    • Alteration, erasure or other change or damage of the bar code、part number or repair label on the Products;
    • Repairing or disassembling of the Products without prior authorization of the Supplier;
    • Modification, alteration, deletion or other change of the original setting file embedded in the Products without prior permission of the Supplier, which causes damage, fault or failure, etc. of the Products, or virus intrusion that results in such circumstances;
    • Damages or failures of the Products are ascribable to transportation or handling by customers;
    • Damages or faults, failure of the Products are caused by unexpected factors or deliberate conducts such as incorrect voltage input, high temperature, water penetration, mechanical disruption, crashing breakage, severe oxidation, rusting or else;
    • Damages or failures of the Products are caused by force majeure events (such as earthquake or fire disaster).
  6. For the free replacement case,Kyland will cover the both-direction shipping cost for the warranty.(faulty device back to the factory and replacement forward to the customer)

*For the free repair case,Kyland and the customer shall cover its own one-direction shipping cost for the warranty.