Automobile Manufacturing Management System


In modern automobile manufacturing system, a brand new car is made of multiple parts after stamping, welding, painting, assembling process. The automated production lines are replacing human workforce and workers can supervise the whole process in monitor center.


System Requirements

  • Reliable and stable network equipment, to ensure monitoring of the automobile manufacturing process
  • Limit installation space required
  • Redundant network capacity for fast failover recovery
  • Industrial design suitable to production lines environment
  • Easy device fault location, status display, and management
  • To provide access for devices in production lines including PLC, camera and other equipment.
  • Support industrial Ethernet protocol, providing network redundancy and management function

Why KLG Smartec

  • Industrial Ethernet switches with long MTBF to construct reliable communication network
  • Support IEC62439-6/DRP, DT-Ring, RSTP network redundancy, up to<20 ms recovery time
  • EMC level 3, IP30, fanless design, wide operating temperature
  • Kyvision NMS provides easy and reliable network monitoring and trouble shooting
  • Industrial embedded PC for access and control of end devices with serial, DI/DO connection
  • Industrial Profinet switches for industrial Ethernet network supporting Profinet v2.32, CC-B and IEC62439-2 MRP.
  • Based on Intel® high performance processor, which brings the whole system stability and fast response. 

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Automobile Manufacturing Management System