Wind Power Networking Solutions


Wind Farms are gaining attention as an energy source that requires no fuel, produces no pollution, and is virtually inexhaustible. At the end of 2010, worldwide capacity of wind-powered generators was 197 gigawatts (GW).


System Requirements

  • Wind farms span vast distances
  • Harsh EMC/EMI environments
  • Extreme temperatures, dust, moisture and vibration
  • Required to boot up under extremely low temperatures
  • Ruggedized network devices support long distance and reliable transmission capabilities

Why KLG Smartec

  • Built  to operate  in harsh  industrial environments, with EMC industrial  level 4, wide operating temperatures, dustproof,  fanless design
  • Boot up temperatures between -40℃ (-40℉)
  • IEC62439-6/DRP protocol with fast recovery ensures reliability of the network
  • Unified management software KYVISION® 3.0 for real-time network monitoring and easy management
  • KYEXPLORER® management tool for batch IP address configuration.
  • DIN Rail switch supports 110/220AC/DC high voltage power supplies
  • Reset button for default settings recovery & reboot
  • 3 fiber port solutions enable fiber optic connection within  the tower and redundant fiber ring connections
  • PCB coating for dust/moisture/corrosion proof ability
  • Compact design for easy installation
  • "Green" industrial Ethernet solution featuring low power consumption 
  • Field proven with more than 150 wind farm deployments

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Wind Power Networking Solutions