Oil Refining Automated Communication Network Solutions


Intelligent devices are prevalent in today's Oil refineries. DCS, MES, SIS and security systems connect controllers and monitors via Ethernet to manage and monitor the production process.


System Requirements

  • Stable, flexible network
  • Network redundancy for various systems, controllers and field devices
  • Sufficient bandwidth to meet video monitoring requirements
  • Failure isolation for DCS, SIS and MES problems
  • Communication systems must provide data filtering and detect illegal access
  • High electromagnetic protection, redundant power supply
  • Low switching delay and delay jitter
  • Secure access mechanism to avoid deliberate destruction of network

Why KLG Smartec

  • Managed industrial Ethernet switches provide stable network connection, excellent performance 7 day X 24 hours uptime
  • Support STP/RSTP, DT-Ring, IEC62439-6(DRP) for fast network recovery
  • Backbone network provides 1000Mb bandwidth. Jumbo frame supported to increase utilization rate of bandwidth
  • Port isolation, loopback detection and port flow statistics
  • TCP/UDP package filtering, MAC address binding prevents network from illegal access
  • SSH, SSL, SNMPv3
  • EMC level 4, industrial design, -40~85℃ wide operating temperature, independent redundant power supply

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Oil Refining Automated Communication Network Solutions