ISCS Network Aggregation Solutions


Integrated Supervisory and Control System, ISCS plays a crucial role to make a centralized and comprehensive operation for city metro. All the major systems, from vital to non-vital, from the field to center, such as AFC, PIS/PA, Clock, CCTV, BAS, FAS, PSCADA, ATS, TMS... etc. can be integrated into one single supervision and control room.


System Requirements

  • High bandwidth with 10G capability to support multiple services into one big backbone network
  • Flexible, fast recovery and dual ring network with failure-free power supply
  • Routing and network protection to work with different network segments
  • User friendly network management

Why KLG Smartec

  • Rich industrial Ethernet Switch portfolio ranges from 5 10/100Mbps to max. 48G/96G+4 10G
  • Comprehensive network redundant functions, e.g. RSTP, DT-Ring, DRP (IEC62439-6), HSR/PRP(IEC62439-3) with sub-second recovery time and multiple ring connectivity
  • Redundant & hot swappable power module
  • Backbone Layer 3 switch supports RIP, OSPF, IEEE802.1X, ACL
  • Own developed NMS with intuitive GUI , Kyvision3.0 for network monitoring and management

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ISCS Network Aggregation Solutions