IP Based TCMS Network for Onboard Systems


TCMS (Train Control and Management System) is the core of train operation, which carries several critical services, such as traction power, auxiliary power, speed, location, braking, door control, HVAC, train status monitoring and diagnosis. With the popularity and maturity of Ethernet technologies, an IP based TCMS and related specifications such as ETB (Ethernet Train Backbone) and ECN (Ethernet Consist Network) are de!ned in IEC61375.


System Requirements

  • Train bus topology automatic generation during train formation.
  • ETB Automatic IP re-arrangement for Ethernet Switches in accordance with train marshalling (TTDP).
  • The translation of train level IP address and consist level IP address.
  • Routing protocol enables communication between di"erent coaches/consists.
  • Network redundancy avoiding communication interruption due to single point failure.
  • Security function to prevent unauthorized user access and operation
  • PoE output for low and medium power electronics, such as PIS
  • Uninterrupted Ethernet backbone communications while single coach power failure
  • Extraordinary industrial design against shock, vibration, EMC, unstable power supply for onboard environment

Why KLG Smartec

  • Aquam series is specially designed for onboard ETB & ECN applications. ETBN complies with IEC61375-2-5 and IEC61375-2-3. ECN complies with IEC61375-3-4.
  • Supports TTDP which enables the automatic generation and maintenance with the train communication network topology.
  • IP address allocation according to the rules defined by IEC61375.
  • Supports DHCP server, DHCP client, DHCP Opt. 82
  • Supports R-NAT (ETBN), realizing the translation of train level IP address and coach level IP address.
  • Supports routing. The routing table is automatically generated according to the train network topology.
  • Supports VRRP and realizes the redundancy of ETBN within a consist.

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IP Based TCMS Network for Onboard Systems