Product Overview

Remote IO system consists of network adapter module and extended IO module. The network adapter module controls fieldbus communication and it realizes communication link with host station controller or host computer software.

The extended IO module controls the connection with the input and output sensors in the field. At first the Input IO module collects the field signals and sends it to the network adapter through the internal bus. Secondly the controller reads and processing data from the adapter through the field bus, and it writes the output data into the network adapter, then the network adapter could write the output data into the output IO module via the internal bus, so the field equipment control could be realized.

According to the communication interface of the controller system, the network adapter could select the corresponding bus module and mainstream industrial communication protocols including Modbus, Profibus-DP, Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, CANsopen, CC-Link, PowerLink, etc. And there are 6 categories of extended IO modules such as: digital input module, digital output module, analog input module, analog output module, special module, hybrid IO module, etc.

The network adapter and the extended IO module could be freely combined according to the field requirements, and it could achieve lower cost with the Remote IO module when the project requires more data points.

Key Features

Highly Reliable Industrial Design

  • Exclusive heat dissipation design profile. Utilizing High-Quality thermal conductive materials. Ensuring industrial wide temperature range design of -40~85℃
  • Compliance with EMC Standards, IP20 Protection Level. Meets stringent requirements of industrial application. Support Multiple Communication Protocols

Support Multiple Communication Protocols

  • The network coupler module supports a variety of protocols, including ProfiNet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, CANopen and more.
  • By using the communication module, it is possible to achieve CANopen and serial port master communication extension.

Variety of Modules, flexible compatibility

  • The coupler module can support up to 32 IO modules.
  • The coupler module supports a wide range of input/output modules (DI, DO, AI, AO, RTD, TC, PI, PO, Mixed I/O Modules etc.)
  • The coupler module can be expanded by using extension modules.

Elegant and Polished Exterior Design

  • The coupler module dimensions are 115x51.5x75mm.
  • The IO module dimensions are 115x14x75mm.
  • Compact Size and modules are easy to disassemble.
  • Distributed ultra-thin design. Saving installation space.

Easy Connect Wiring Design

  • The terminals are designed with light-guiding holes.
  • Terminal with spring, easy for connect.

Channel diagnostics

  • The module is equipped with a set of indicator lights that accurately display the module and channel's operational.

Protection Design

  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Three-Terminal Isolation, Two-Point Grounding

High-Speed Backplane Bus

  • Utilize of High-Speed Backplane Bus
  • Support for 1ms refresh cycle
  • A single coupler module can accommodate up to 32 IO modules.
Coupler Module Standard Specifications
Modbus-RTU/ASCIICANopen DS401Modbus-TCPModbus-TCP Profinet IO DeviceEtherCATEthernet/IP
System Power
Power Supply: 9-36VDC (Nominal 24VDC)
Protection: Over-current Protection, Reverse polarity protection
Module Power
Internal Bus
Supply Current
Max: 2.5A@5VDCMax: 2A@5VDC
IsolationPower Supply from System to Field: Isolation
Field Power
Power Supply: 22-28V (Nominal 24VDC)
Field Power
Supply Current
Maximum DC Current: 8A
32 modules
Wire DiameterMax.1.0mm²(AWG 17)
35mm DIN Rail Mounting
5% - 95% non-Condensing
More detailed specifications can be found in the datasheet under the 'Download' section.
Mechanical Drawing

Coupler Module

IO Module

Ordering Information

Product P/NProduct Description
KYIO-LA-4008L-type IO   Module/8xAO/Voltage Type/16-bit/Single-ended
KYIO-LD-1308L-type   IO Module/8xDI/Sink Type/24Vdc/Counting Frequency Max 200Hz/PNP
KYIO-LX-1005L-type   IO Expansion Module/Bus Expansion Master Module/Not Greater Than 8 Meters/No   More Than 5 Stations
KYIO-LX-2005L-type   IO Expansion Module/Bus Expansion Slave Module/Not Greater Than 8 Meters/No   More Than 5 Stations
KYIO-LD-8008L-type   IO Module/8xDO Relay
KYIO-LA-7004L-type   IO Module/4xRTD/-PT100 Temperature Acquisition Module
KYIO-LA-1004L-type   IO Module/4xAI/0&4-20mA/15-bit Single-ended
KYIO-LD-2104L-type   IO Module/4xDO/Source Type/Single Channel 3.3A/4 Channels Max Each Channel   2A//PNP
KYIO-LD-2032L-type   IO module/32xDO/source type/24Vdc/0.5A/paired with LX-8002/PNP
KYIO-LD-4032L-type   IO module/32xDI/24V/NPN/isolated/out of warranty/paired with LX-8002/34P
KYIO-LP-3002L-type   IO special module/2xPI/24V/2xDI/2xDO/32bit/1.5MHz
KYIO-LD-2016L-type   IO module/16xDO/source type/24Vdc/0.5A/PNP
KYIO-LA-4004L-type   IO module/4xAO/voltage type/16-bit/single-ended
KYIO-LS-1111L-type   IO special module/1-channel CANopen communication module supports CANopen   master mode
KYIO-LC-1401L-type   coupler module/EtherNet/IP/32 slots/504 bytes per IO
KYIO-LP-1002L-type   IO special module/2xPI/5V/2xDI/2xDO/32bit/1.5MHz
KYIO-LD-2116L-type   IO module/16xDO/source type/24Vdc/0.5A/PNP/independent power supply
KYIO-LD-5032L-type   IO module/32xDI/bidirectional/with LX-8002/34P/24V/200Hz
KYIO-LP-5002L-type   IO special module/2xPI/SSI input/1xDI/1xDO/
KYIO-LA-9004L-type   IO module/4xTC/J type/K type/E type/T type/S type/R type/B type/N type/C type
KYIO-LA-2004L-type   IO module/4xAO/current type/16-bit/single-ended
KYIO-LA-7006L-type   IO module/6xRTD RTD-PT100/non-isolated/acquisition accuracy <=0.5℃
KYIO-LA-1108L-type   IO module/8xAI/-20-20mA/15-bit/single-ended
KYIO-LX-6008L-type   IO expansion module/expansion power module/no configuration
KYIO-LX-4218L-type   IO expansion module/18-channel field power distribution module PE
KYIO-LD-3108L-type   IO module/8xDI/source type/24Vdc/counting frequency max 200Hz/NPN
KYIO-LP-7002L-type   IO special module/2xPI/differential/2xDI/2xDO/32-bit/10MHz
KYIO-LX-4018L-type   IO expansion module/18-channel field power distribution module 0V
KYIO-LD-1016L-type   IO module/16xDI/sink type/24Vdc/counting frequency max 200Hz/PNP
KYIO-LX-4118L-type   IO expansion module/18-channel field power distribution module 24V
KYIO-LC-2101L-type   coupler module/Modbus-RTU protocol/32 slots/IO total maximum 8192 bytes
KYIO-LC-3101L-type   coupler module/CANopen slave/64 TPDO/64 RPDO/24VDC
KYIO-LX-4108L-type   IO extension module/field power extension module (8A)/no configuration   required
KYIO-LX-8002L-type   IO extension module/2 meters in length/flame-retardant material/flexible   cable/both ends with bullhorn female connectors/used with 32-channel module
KYIO-LA-9008L-type   IO module/8xTC/(J/K/E/T/S/R/B/N/C type)/15bit
KYIO-LC-1301L-type   coupler module/Profinet/32 slots/IO each 1440 bytes/RT/no ring network
KYIO-LX-3000L-type   IO expansion module/terminal module/no configuration required/mandatory
KYIO-LS-1211L-type   IO special module/1xCOM/master-slave mode/pass-through mode
KYIO-LA-3008L-type   IO module/8xAI/voltage type/15-bit/single-ended
KYIO-LD-4016L-type   IO module/16xDO/sink type/24Vdc/0.5A/NPN
KYIO-LA-7003L-type   IO module/3xRTD(PT100)
KYIO-LX-4009L-type   IO expansion module/9-channel field power distribution module 0V+24V
KYIO-LC-1201L-type   coupler module/EtherCAT/32 slots/1024 bytes per IO
KYIO-LX-7032L-type   IO expansion module/32-channel box header connector/din rail mounting/spring   terminal/used with 32-channel module
KYIO-LD-0008L-type   IO module/8xDI/24VDC/PNP or NPN & 8xDO/24VDC
KYIO-LX-4006L-type   IO expansion module/6-channel field power distribution module 0V+24V+PE
KYIO-LD-3016L-type   IO module/16xDI/source type/24Vdc/counting frequency max 200Hz/NPN
KYIO-LD-2008L-type   IO module/8xDO/source type/24Vdc/0.5A/PNP
KYIO-LC-1101L-type   coupler module/Modbus-TCP/32 slots/8192 bytes/2 network ports/5 clients
KYIO-LA-1008L-type   IO module/8xAI/0&4-20mA/15-bit/single-ended
KYIO-LC-2201L-type   coupler module/ProFiBus-DP protocol/32 slots/
KYIO-LC-2501L-type   coupler module/CC-Link protocol/32 slots/
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Intel Pentium, Intel i3, Intel i5, Intel i7, Intel Celeron


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