Product Overview

Winux-RT is developed by Kedong (Guangzhou) Software Technology Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyland) for Industrial Applications. It is a micro-kernel based Operating System with modular design, so it can be easily customized for different applications. Winux-RT abstracts physical hardware and I/O interfaces so it can virtualize the machine (through the hypervisor). The hypervisor manages and allocates the system's resources, so that it can enable the system to host several instances simultaneously but still assure each instance and application real-time, secure, deterministic and reliable.

Winux-RT has been developed and evolved for more than 20 years and holds 60+ patents and 30+ copyrights. It is widely deployed to numerous mission critical industry sectors like smart manufacturing, railway, energy, robotics,...etc., and it's been proven reliable and secure in the long and sustaining applications.

Key Features
  • Reliable: more than 20 years track record of operation
  • Real-time: micro-second level response time
  • Micro-kernel: virtualizes hardware resources and enables software-defined management
  • Hybird: enables one-machine with multiple real-time and non-real-time instances hybrid operation, so it can integrate edge computing, motion control, data acquisition, AI,...etc. in one machine.
OS FeatureCPUSupports x86, ARM, MIPS
Micro-kernelMicro-kernel design with simple and neat footprints. Kernel codes within 10,000 lines. Easy to verify and validate the security and reliability
VirtualizationSupprots Windows and Linux non-real-time instances
Supports up to 20 real-time instances and 3 non-real-time instances
Supports interal virtual data bus for cross-instance data communications
Multi-core processorSupports multi-core processor operation
Operation modeSupports AMP, SMP, BMP mode and 32bit/64bit operation
Real-time HypervisorSchedulingPriority and Timing hybrid scheduling
Supports up to 256 priority
Multi-task managementPreemptive scheduling and Timing scheduling
Supports up to 256 priority
Supports priority inheritance, priority ceiling to prevent priority reversal
File SystemSupports FAT16, FAT32, YAFFS, nfs
Supports flash, emmc, ram, USB, SATA…etc. media types
Supports file system corruption prevention after power outage
POSIXCompatible with POSIX 1003.1b (ISO/IEC 9945-1)
ShellCompatible with most Linux shell operations
Network stackSupprots IPv4/IPv6 and standard sockets
Supports static and dynamic routing
Supports ftp, telnet, tftp, httpd, sntp, snmp…etc.
USBSupports USB1.1, 2.0
Development Toolslntewell DEVELOPERSupports virtual instance life cycle management, including instance create, allocate, deploy, terminate, power-on/off, reboot, sleep, suspend, resume and rebuild operations
Supports design, development, debugging, simulation, and deployment functions. Full GUI design, easy to use
Supports simulation tools for different CPU architectures
Monitoring toolProvies CPU usage, network traffic, file system performance, signal usage, schedulling staus, process staus and message queue monitoring
EcosystemIndustrial APPNatively supports Kyland MaVIEW, KySCADA, KyGate, KyVista, KyMOM, AHM tools
Industrial protocolSupports Modbus TCP/RTU, CANopen, EtherCAT, EtherNet/ IP, PROFINET, AUTBUS, OPC
Product Information
Winux-RT OSWinux-RT Operating System
Winux-RT DEVELOPERWinux-RT IDE and Hypervisor tool
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