Product Overview

Kyvision is high performance network management software designed by Kyland, supports all types of Kyland network manageable devices and third party SNMP devices. Designed according to TMN standards, its management functions include device management, alarm management, right management, topology management, configuration management, maintenance management...etc.

Key Features
  • New generation network management system, based on B/S architecture
  • Supports 10 users simultaneouslys online and can monitor up to 1000 devices.
  • Supports SNMP v1/v2c/v3.
  • Supports the third party devices by public MIB.
  • Auto-detection of devices, and real-time event alerts to user.
  • Auto-generation of network topology with circular or square layout.
  • Real-time access to device status and port traffic,providing graphical interface display.
  • Supports query and export of history alarms, operation logs and runing logs.
  • Batch upload and download of configuration files, batch upgrade the devices firmware version.
  • Provides Socket and OPC interfaces for user secondary development.

Product SpecificationsTopology Management- Support IP segment topology and designated IP topology.
- Automatic topology enables automatic device creation and automatic connection between device ports.
- Display device online status and real-time alarms on topological map.
- Support Zoom in\Zoom out, step square\step round, align, save, export and other operates on topological map.
Device Management- Remote diagnostic device status and the running status of each port.
- View the real-time ports traffic statistics.
- View the device panel diagram.
- View and export the device configuration files.
Alarm Management- Real-time error detection through SNMP or Trap.
- Alarm ring notification and alarm confirmation mechanism.
- Supports alarm history query according to subnet,devices,time period.
- Support alarm data export.
- Emphasizes abnormal devices and connections by particular colors.
Maintenance Management- Remote batch import/export device configuration files.
- Remote batch upgrade device firmware.
- Supports manual or automatic backup of network management data.
- Supports recover network management data from local or server files.
- Provide network management data cleaning function.
Right Management- Provides three roles for administrators, operators, and monitors.
- Administrators can create\delete users, modify user properties.
- Administrators and operators can grant the authority of monitoring the subnet to a monitors.
- Provides manual lock and timing lock functions to prevent illegal logon.
- The user cannot log on two clients at the same time.
Log Management- Provide operation logs and running logs management.
- Supports Multi-conditional combination query and export.
Supports third party devices- Automatic discovery and topology devices by public LLDP.
- View device IP address, routing information, system information etc.
- Dynamic display of the actual running state of each port (ON/OFF).
- View the actual traffic statistics of each port.
- View the number of bytes sent per second, the number of unicast packets/non-unicast packets/error packets etc.
- Check device communication abnormal alarm.
- Check port alarm.
System RequirementsSoftware RequirementsOS: Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 10/Windows 2003 Server/Windows 2000 Server, Linux
Minimum Hardware Requirements- Configuration: Windows Server Windows Client
- CPU: Pentium 4 Pentium 4
- CPU Frequency: 3GHZ 3GHZ
- Memory: 1GB 512MB
- Harddisk: 40GB 20GB
- CD-ROM: 48x 48x
- Network Card: 100M 100M
- Display: >=1024*768 >=1024*768
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KyvisionStandard edition Network management software

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