Product Overview

NewPre5100 offers secure and manageable features, including a pre-installed operating system with a fully self-owned kernel module source code and an independently developed MaVIEW control development platform. Its compact and reliable design, featuring a fanless design and wide temperature operation, meets rigorous industrial standards with EMC Level 3 compliance and IP40 protection. The system's 100mm height allows for single-hand rail installation. It supports flexible module expansion with terminals for KYIO-H modules and 4G/5G expansion, catering to various connectivity needs. With high-performance control capabilities, including pre-installed graphical control platforms supporting IEC61131-3 and C++, the system ensures strong real-time performance with a 1ms control cycle and supports motion control with PLCopen monopodium management, multi-axis interpolation, and extensive industrial protocols like CANopen, Modbus RTU/TCP, EtherCAT, and Ethernet/IP, as well as proprietary communication protocols.

Key Features

Secure and Manageable

  • Pre-installed operating system with 100% self-owned kernel module source code. 
  • MaVIEW control development platform is fully independently developed, not secondary development.

Compact and Reliable

  • Fanless design, -40℃ -70℃ wide temperature operation Compliant with EMC Level 3, IP40 protection, meeting rigorous industrial application requirements.
  • 100mm height is suitable for single-hand rail installation

Flexible Module Expansion

  • Provide terminals for expanding KYIO-H modules including DI, DO, AI, AO, RTD, and other modules.
  • Support 4G/5G expansion, meeting various connectivity requirements.

High-performance Control

  • Pre-installed graphical control & development platform MaVIEW, supports IEC61131-3 and C++.
  • Strong real-time performance supports 1ms control cycle.
  • Support motion control with PLCopen monopodium management, monopodium motion, multi-axis electronic gear coupling, ECAM, tappet, etc. Supports multi-axis spatial arc interpolation, spatial linear interpolation.

Extensive Industrial Protocols

  • Support CANopen, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Profinet. Supports custom Serial Port/CAN/ TCP communication. Supports common industrial communication protocols such as OPC UA, MQTT.
  • Suppor t K y l and propr i e t a r y AUT BUS re a l - t ime communication protocol.
ComputationCPULoongson 2k1000, Dual-core, 1GHz clock frequency
RAM2GB. Optional: 4GB
StorageStandard Storage256MB
Storage ExpansionOptional, 128GB, mSATA
Power Loss ProtectionOptional, 128KB.
Control Software CapabilityController Computation
Cycle Redundancy
Configurable, minimum 1ms
Support hot standby redundancy controller configuration.
Mechanical StructureCaseMetal
Heat Dissipation MethodPassive cooling, fanless
Main InterfaceDisplay Port1*HDMI
Network InterfaceEthernetSupport 100/1000BASE-T, RJ45. Optional 2 ports, 4 ports
AUTBUSSupport 1*AUTBUS, optional
Other Communication InterfaceSerial PortSupport RS232, RS485, CAN. Optional 2*485+1*232+1*CAN, 1*485+1*232+2*CAN, 4*CAN,
4*485, 2*485+2*CAN
Wireless ExtensionOptional 4G/5G extension
I/O InterfaceLocal I/OOptional, support 9*DI+6*DO, 3DO+4*PI+4*PO
I/O ExtensionSupport Extension Kyland KYIO modules. Support distributed IO Extension
PowerInput24VDC (20 ~ 28 VDC), powered by KYPM-DC24
OutputDC 24VDC,12VDC, Backplane Bus
Host Power Consumption15W
Mechanical StructureMechanical StructureAluminum Casing
Ingress Protection
Dimensions mm195 x 100 x 94(W×H×D), contains power supply module
Overall weight of
the device
Installation MethodRail installation
EnvironmentOperating Temperature-40ºC ~ 70ºC
Storage Temperature-40ºC ~ 85ºC
Humidity5% ~ 95% no condensation
Heat DissipationFanless
Industry StandardEMIFCC CFR47 Part 15, EN55022/CISPR22, Class A
EMSIEC 61000-4-2 (ESD), Air:
±8KV; Contact: ±6kV IEC 61000-4-3 (RS),
10V/m (80MHz ~2GHz)
IEC 61000-4-4 (EFT),
DC Power Port: ±2kV,
Singal Port: ±2kV IEC 61000-4-5 (Surge),
Power Port: ±1kV/DM, ±2kV/CM,
Singal Port: ±1kV (line to line),
Singal Port: ±2kV (line to earth, IEC
61000-4-6 (CS),
Signal ports: 0.15-80MHz at 10V/m,
Power ports: 0.15-80MHz at 10V/m
IEC60068-2-32(free fall)


Mechanical Drawing
Ordering Information

NewPre5100-L2K1-M2D0W4-0403C1ALoongson 2k1000- RAM 4G-256KB Ferroelectric – Hard Drive 128G+256M- Support 4G-4
Enternet Ports -1CAN-1RS232-2RS485(Equipped with H-Type IO and Power Supply)
NewPre5100-L2K1-M1D2MW0A-0200ALoongson 2k1000- RAM 2G-256KB Ferroelectric -256M Onboard Storage -AUTBUS-2
Ethernet Ports (Equipped with H-Type IO and Power Supply)
NewPre5100-L2K1-M1D0W0-0402C2BLoongson 2K1000-2G RAM -128G Hard Drive -4 Ethernet Ports -2CAN2RS485(Equipped
with C -Type IO and Power Supply)
NameTypeFile Size
Smart Control Solutions Product Overview




Network Interface

RJ45 X 4, WiFi, 4G/5G



Serial Port

CAN, RS232, RS485

Display Port


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